Noted science fiction and fantasy author Walter Jon Williams has a wonderful tirade post about Rep. John Shimkus stating that we shouldn’t worry about global warming because God told Noah he wouldn’t destroy the world.

Rep. Shimkus, it should be remarked, is running for chairman of the House Energy Committee.  So if he wins, I guess we can expect Biblical justifications for more billions in subsidies to the oil companies.

Not only is Shimkus a useless, witless, dunderhead cretin attempting to cram brainless superstition into a scientific debate, he clearly doesn’t know how to read and understand his own Bible.  Because all God promises (you moron) is that he won’t destroy the world by water.  And nowhere does it say he won’t letpeople destroy the world.  And not only that, nobody’s claiming that climate change will destroy the world.  It’ll just make it really uncomfortable for people to live here.

Go read! It will either make you laugh or cry or both!


The fine magazine, Realms of Fantasy, is ending after a 16 year, 97 issue run. Publisher Warren Lapine’s commentary is at that link. Editor Shawna McCarthy’s farewell is here.

Having renewed another year on an already 2 year subscription, I’m a little bit let down.

I ain’t dead yet …

September 22, 2010

kayleigh has been away since Sunday at some training/seminar gig.   She returns late Thursday, and after she rests a bit we’re heading out Saturday on a day trip into Kentucky for some family-type goings on.

The World Fantasy Convention hits Columbus in 36 days.  I know this because I have a countdown gadget on my iGoogle page!   We’re  also making plans to attend the Chicago 2012 Worldcon.   This should be fun with GoH Mike Resnick and Toastmaster John Scalzi.  The Ohio Cabal rules!

(As a sidebar to the “Ohio Cabal rules!”, Paul Melko’s The Walls of the Universe has been optioned for a movie by some of the same folks that did Shrek.  And the book sequel has been sold to Tor).

In the meantime, I admit to being distracted and out of sorts and just plain tired.  I have a pestering — or perhaps I should say festering — story that just can’t seem to be completed the way I want.  I wanted it in circulation the first week of September but haven’t touched it for a couple of weeks.   This too causes a great amount of annoyance.  Now I’m hoping for the end of the month.  And then I can either go back to a long-term side project or something new, shiny, and distracting, or both.

Such is life.

2010 Hugo Awards ….

September 5, 2010

The 2010 Hugo Awards were presented in Melbourne. I find it especially cool that Frederik Pohl was presented with a ‘best fan writer’ at age 90, for his blog.

* Best Novel: TIE: The City & The City, China Miéville (Del Rey; Macmillan UK); The Windup Girl, Paolo Bacigalupi (Night Shade)

* Best Novella: “Palimpsest”, Charles Stross (Wireless; Ace, Orbit)

* Best Novelette: “The Island”, Peter Watts (The New Space Opera 2; Eos)

* Best Short Story: “Bridesicle”, Will McIntosh (Asimov’s 1/09)

* Best Related Book: This is Me, Jack Vance! (Or, More Properly, This is “I”), Jack Vance (Subterranean)

* Best Graphic Story: Girl Genius, Volume 9: Agatha Heterodyne and the Heirs of the Storm Written by Kaja and Phil Foglio; Art by Phil Foglio; Colours by Cheyenne Wright (Airship Entertainment)

* Best Dramatic Presentation, Long Form: Moon Screenplay by Nathan Parker; Story by Duncan Jones; Directed by Duncan Jones (Liberty Films)

* Best Dramatic Presentation, Short Form: Doctor Who: “The Waters of Mars” Written by Russell T Davies & Phil Ford; Directed by Graeme Harper (BBC Wales)

* Best Editor Short Form: Patrick Nielsen Hayden

* Best Editor Long Form: Ellen Datlow

* Best Professional Artist: Shaun Tan

* Best Semiprozine: Clarkesworld edited by Neil Clarke, Sean Wallace, & Cheryl Morgan

* Best Fan Writer: Frederik Pohl

* Best Fanzine: StarShipSofa edited by Tony C. Smith

* Best Fan Artist: Brad W. Foster

And the John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer (presented by Dell Magazines): Seanan McGuire

Not much to say in addition to that, now is there?

But I will! Tobias Buckell will be GoH at Context, in spite of his reluctance to leave full-tilt writing mode at the moment.

Understandable, but still kind of disappointing he didn’t mention being GoH a few weeks ago to kind of jazz attendance and his fans up. But we love Toby anyway, and will forgive this slight in anticipation of the next novel.

Update: Toby corrected this minor oversight the day after this post 🙂

The Website at the End of the Universe has an interesting, short questioning article with several links asking Is the science fiction convention a thing of the past?

Like many have, including myself, it points out that the majority of convention attendees are older.   There is a lack of young people except at anime-connected conventions (one of the good thing about this years Marcon was an increase in the number of young attendees).

The piece also includes a clip of Discworld author Terry Prachett explaining how a convention gave him the confidence to start writing.   You can hit the clip at the link above, or on You Tube, here.

Lost is a science fiction show.

Now, they haven’t wanted that label from the beginning. First, they assured us that everything had a real-world explanation and it was not science fiction or fantasy at all. This is obviously crap at this point, but they continue to insist in multiple interviews that Lost is a character-driven drama and not a genre show at all.

Lost is science fiction or at least it fucking was until this season when we suddenly landed in magical fantasy land and got a Dark Lord and a freaking GLOWCAVE and vague mystical nonsense

[my bold – K. ]