Complete Idiot’s Guide to the World’s Religions 1/4/06

Buddhism Plain & Simple Steve Hagen 2/5/06

Give Me a Break John Stossel 2/18/06

Circles James Burke 2/19/06

Polaris Jack McDevitt 2/26/06

The Memory of Running (audio) Ron McLarty 5/23/06

The World of Atlas Shrugged (audio) Robert Bidinotto 5/26/06

Big Fish Daniel Wallace 7/1/06

Crystal Rain Tobias Buckell 7/31/06

Memories of My Melancholy Whores Gabriel Garcia Marquez 8/2/06

Zombies of the Gene Pool (audio) Sharyn McCrumb 8/7/06

A Walk in the Woods (audio) Bill Bryson 8/16/06

Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? Philip K. Dick 8/22/06

Longitude Dava Sobel 8/29/06

American Gods (audio) Neil Gaiman 9/18/06

Salt: A History (audio) Mark Kurlansky

Bangkok Tattoo John Burdett 10/25/06

I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell (audio) Tucker Max 10/26/06

History of Byzantium (Teaching Co. lectures) 11/17/06

The Balkans (audio) Mark Mazower 11/28/06

A Small and Remarkable Life Nick DiChario 12/03/06

The Monsters: Mary Shelley & the Curse of Frankenstein Dorothy & Thomas Hoobler 12/10/06

Islam: A Short History (audio) Karen Armstrong 12/13/06

Hundred-Dollar Baby Robert B. Parker 12/14/06

Coraline (audio) Neil Gaiman 12/17/06

Alexander the Great’s Art of Strategy Partha Bose 12/23/06

Solaris Stanislaw Lem 12/27/06

The Stranger Albert Camus 12/29/06

Introducing Camus   David Zane Mairowitz & Alain Korkos   12/30/06


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