John Scalzi and a good NaNoWriMo commentary …

November 12, 2010

SF author John Scalzi comments on some writers complaining about how National Novel Writing Month is a waste of time, sets a bad example, dilutes quality writing, blah blah blah.

1. Dude, a program that encourages thousands of people annually to celebrate the act of creating words — of creating their own words — and you want to piss all over that? If you look to the right, I have some kittens you canset on fire while you’re at it.

2. Even if you think it’s a waste of time, it’s not a waste of of your time, so why do you care?

3. Alternately, even if something like NaNoWriMo doesn’t match your own writing process, there are a lot of writing processes out there. So if this one works for some aspiring writers, don’t crap on them for it.


Entire post here at his site, Whatever.

As noted previously, I’m not participating this year,  but periodically I’ve felt some guilt and disappointment this month that I am not.


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