Search terms, surprises, and renaming the Simple Space Annex …

October 15, 2010

Search terms are fun to go through to see how people come to a blog.  They’re also a good faux entry when you’ve not posted in forever.

By far, the most frequent search term, and by default, the most popular entry, is the piece on  former lead singer, Fish, reuniting with his old band Marillion for a quick song or two at a Marillion concert.

The entries on The Stranger by Albert Camus and Christian Jacq’s Ramses series also get hit a few times a week.

I’m not surprised that traffic dropped off after I removed the link to here from tumblr’s  A Simple Space Annex, after renaming the Annex.

But what is very surprising is how the removal of that link didn’t entirely kill the traffic here, which is what I thought would happen.


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