Millennicon 2010 …

March 21, 2010

Millennicon, was, as usual, fairly sedate.  I know I harp on the venue, the Holiday Inn in Sharonville, but it sure would be nice to upgrade sometime.  Still, there were some interesting panels on writer’s workshops, e-readers, and economics.

Had some decent art this year, although we learned that apparently the art pieces have to pass ultra-conservative Hamilton County’s muster as to whether it is pornographic or not (!).  A few pieces were yanked because they must have shown a boob or ass crack.  Insane.  Last year’s Marcon had “adult” art behind a sheet, which turned out to be pretty bad art, not from a pornographic or erotic standpoint but because the art itself sucked.

Next year’s GoH is Robert J. Sawyer, whom I’ve been hoping to see at a local con for some time.  I’m somewhat disappointed that it will be the dreary Millennicon — sort of like when John Scalzi was there last year — but still, I’ll take it.  It would have very nice to see him at Context but he’s was a GoH there several years ago before kayleigh and I began to attend.

Today, a day of rest and domesticity.  Or not. Who knows.


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