Millennicon 2010 and other convention visits …

March 19, 2010

Things have been relatively quiet of late around here, but this weekend  kayleigh and I head to Millennicon in Cincinnati.  The venue isn’t the best, with a narrow, cramped hall to the panel rooms and a lobby that sits by the front door and is usually blasted by freezing air every time the rattling automatic doors open.  But with the weather fairly decent this time today and tomorrow,  maybe we won’t turn blue.

We are foregoing Conglomeration in Louisville this year, disappointed at the lack of communication from organizers when ConGlom basically disappeared from the map.  Yes, we understand the hotel closed and their website was basically stolen by the webmaster, but there was still that lengthy lack of information and the slow return of refund money.  They seem to be trying to make amends, but for now, we’re not contributing to their cash flow.  If you’re interested in all that, just click on the Conglomeration tag on this entry.

As usual, Marcon and Context will be attended barring fiasco.  (Speaking of Context, kayleigh and I were sad to read about the passing of Dan Province, a long-time fixture at Context.  He was always nice to speak to.)

We’ll also being going to the World Fantasy Convention in Columbus in the fall.

If we see you at any of those places — you probably won’t know who we are 😉

Or maybe you will.


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