Kevin Smith should lighten up …

February 17, 2010

I was going to write a small rant about a director Kevin Smith getting booted off a Southwest Airline flight because he was too large.   Personally, having to sit beside someone who flows over the arm rest and onto me is not appealing, and I’m in favor of a Southwest Airlines decision, as is, apparently, the majority of people from a CNN poll yesterday (the below were the results at the time I clipped it, though the results may have changed somewhat by the end of the day).

kayleigh and I run into this a lot a conventions.  A good many SF fans are just plain larger than they should be.    It’s not aesthetically pleasing to the beholder to see layers of fat oozing from under too-tight tee shirts or someone’s belly hanging past their thighs, but moreso, it’s just not healthy to have that much beef on the hoof.

Anyway, while I was writing I came across Mark Shead’s “A Culture of Obesity” on Productivity 501, his blog that I read regularly.  A blog on productivity was rather a surprising place to find such a commentary,  I admit, but it touches on some interesting things  and says it better than I could.

Whom do you side with in Kevin Smith’s dispute with Southwest Airlines?
The airline   57%
The director   43%
Total votes: 128287
{This is not a scientific poll.}

One Response to “Kevin Smith should lighten up …”

  1. Thanks for the link. Obesity might be an odd topic for a blog on Productivity, but I figured obesity has a tremendous impact on our national productivity so I could squeeze it in. (See I can find a way to make just about anything relate to the topic.) 🙂

    The issue I have with Southwest is that they said it was a safety issue. If he presented a true safety risk, he shouldn’t have been allowed on another plan. You don’t suddenly become less of a safety risk just because you have an open adjacent seat. If they thought he was too big for the comfort of other passengers, then they should have just maintained that position, in which case letting him fly on a later flight with an empty seat would be perfectly acceptable.

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