Dear Muse …

January 29, 2010

Dear Muse:

It has been some time since  we’ve seen one another or spoken.  I hope you are doing well, and that the next time we speak you’ll be telling me stories and exciting adventures, or even posing a philosophical question or two.

Perhaps you’ve been on vacation?  Next time you take off like this, maybe you could let me know beforehand that you’ll be gone but will be back, so I don’t worry?  Or drop me a postcard along the way?

I have been spending my nights in front of the television and browsing the net, reading far too many feeds and clicking on too many links.  I’ve managed to organize my desk a bit and get rid of several stacks of papers I didn’t need, organize some files on the computer, and do some back ups into the cloud.  It’s piddling work, but it needs done.  But I’d rather be working on a story or two instead of shuffling through story notes and partially written pieces that I can’t seem to get together right, or finish.

For some reason too I’ve not been able to get into a good book for months, although every night I read a day from 365: Your Date With History, which is a book that I’ve decided to make a year long endeavor, reading about the next day’s historical events.  It’s pretty interesting, but you know how I like history and odd tidbits.  Yesterday for example, I learned that on that date the emperor Charlamagne died in 814, and so did the egotistical  Henry VIII in 1547.  But it’s not doing what I know I should be doing with my time.

So back to our lack of communication.  I’d really like to see you, or at least hear from you.  Drop by as soon as you return.  Don’t wait, don’t hesitate.  We’ve things to do!   Although we’ve had our disagreements over the years when we don’t speak to one another for extended periods, I really thought we’d been getting along better the last many months.

I kind of miss you.  A lot.



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