iPad, Chrome, and the pulling of hair…

January 28, 2010

The iPad:  I use a Mac, and the iPad looks cool, but I have reservations.  The first is the price tier.  500 – 700 bucks?!  You’ve got to be kidding me.  Oh wait, it IS an Apple product, so you’re expected to pay more, otherwise you’re not worthy.  The second, the network is GSM based.  No Verizon!  And another special deal with AT&T.   Apple must be getting a huge piece of the AT&T pie for the iPhone and now, iPad.  Third, the apparent lack of ability to multi-task in a stripped down OS.    This is huge, and is just another example of Apple’s arrogance, pushing their users into Apple’s pigeon-holes.  What they criticize other companies for doing, they do in turn.   And fourth, having to purchase ebooks from the new “iBook” store.   More arrogance.  Pfft!

[Adam Pash at Lifehacker has a more knowledgeable rant here.]

A snarky aside: I’m sure the seeming company tool magazine, Macworld, will give the device a 5 star rating and say it’s the best thing since the invention of the wheel, as they usually do when rating any Apple product against anything else.  And that’s also why I killed my subscription.  Apple products are not always the best, period.  Oh, blasphemy!

Google Chrome: I try to like it, it still misbehaves.  Like with uploads to the Annex on Tumblr.  It locks up when uploading so I have to kill the process and reopen the browser.  And why does it take forever for this browser to resolve DNS to a website?  By the time Chrome finds a site, I can open Opera and be looking at the page.  Ridiculous.  And the hype.  I’m getting kind of tired of Google hype, like Apple hype, though I use both company’s products a great deal.

Chrome reminds me somewhat of Opera, which I love when it works but get aggravated with when it doesn’t, and should. Honestly, if everything worked with Opera, that would be my browser of choice.  But alas, it doesn’t, and so I bounce between browsers for certain tasks.

(Added: new discovery!  Chrome magically screws up formatting in the WordPress dashboard.  I had to come back in to add paragraph breaks with Firefox!)


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