The annual “bah humbug” post ….

December 24, 2009

Ah, the holidays. Stress and angst as always, but this year the added quirks of a near-fail sleep study, waking (and pacing) anxiety at night, and a seemingly endless supply of phlegm and goo. Yummy.

kayleigh works. And works some more.

I avoid work. And avoid it some more. I am very cranky for various reasons, not the least being the above issues. But the fact is that I’m tired of putting up with the people I put up with, and how some people receive benefits that others, who work just as hard, do not.

Unfortunately, unless I want to give up about 5 weeks (and soon to be six weeks) of vacation, I just need to sit tight and get over it. I will, and am holding my breath until January. Or maybe February or March.

Cold is not the only thing that turns you blue …..


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