Blackberry OS upgrade update …

December 4, 2009

As I mentioned a week or so ago I was having difficulties with the Blackberry OS upgrade on my Storm.  I jumped from version 4.7 to  5.0 via the wireless update.   The upgrade seemed to work except that I experienced Java errors on boot, which was a minor annoyance but no big deal.  But then a few weeks ago the Blackberry began arbitrarily rebooting, sometimes in the middle of phone calls, and experiencing Java errors not only on boot but while it was sitting on my desk doing nothing.

A downgrade  to v 4.7 resolved those issues.  I used the recently released desktop software for Mac to do so.  But everytime I tried to upgrade again I had an issue with my mail.  Everything would upgrade to version 5.0 except the mail module, which remained at 4.7, and I would be prompted with a notice that I had no mail service set up when I could not send but was obviously receiving mails.  And there was no mail set up module to be seen, though I know it existed previously.

For those who might be having the same irritating issues, the problem seems to be be resolved:   I connected the Blackberry to a Windows machine with the desktop software installed and did the OS upgrade with it rather than use my Mac.

All BB modules upgraded properly, I’ve not had any Java errors or mysterious reboots in the past week, and my mail is working (caveat: had to login to my BB online account and delete and reconfigure my mail which pushed it down to the device).

Now you know.


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