Bugger! A technically challenged few days ….

November 28, 2009

This has been a technically challenged few days for me.

My Macbook, which ran like a champ under Leopard, developed a couple of small but annoying quirks after the Snow Leopard upgrade a couple of months ago.

Accessing the Apple Time Capsule (the combination router/external hard drive) was difficult. While it looked to connect, nothing showed in the Finder window, and I would have to close Finder and reopen it to see all my files. A recent patch seemed to help this a bit.

More annoying though was that anytime I had to access System Preferences, the dock icon would open but spin until I had to Force Quit the Preferences. Then when I reopened System Prefs, it was fine.

Considering I’m a guy who changes his desktop background, this was a quirk which I found frustrating.

Of course, like a lot of other people I had problems with the upgrade itself. I had performed a Time Machine backup to the Time Capsule, but when I tried to pull down my data on the newly upgraded machine, I was told that because the backup had the same username as the current account, I could not pull the data into my account and had to create a different account.

This was a bit of a pain in the ass. I did MyUsername, and then had to restore my data into MyUsername2, and then copy it back into my MyUsername, which created some permission problems, specifically with pictures and subfolders. I had to manually change permissions on numerous folders so I could access my own damned data.

Yesterday I decided to reinstall Snow Leopard to try to fix these quirks,  and manually copied my files up to the Time Capsule this time rather than use Time Machine. Everything worked great, until I discovered I was again missing some photographs. I was able to access a previous Time Machine backup and pull my pictures down, but once again, I had permission issues. So I did it again, restoring the problem folders one by one – which worked.

What the hell?

More concerning is the recently upgraded Blackberry. The upgrade from v. 4.7 to v.5 helped the performance until the device began arbitrarily rebooting during phone calls and such. And whenever it rebooted, I got some java exception errors I couldn’t figure out. So I wiped the device this weekend and ended up having all sorts of trouble.

The wipe and restore killed my email. I could make calls, get texts, even receive mail. But I could not send mail. I kept getting prompts that my mail service was not set up, and I would be redirected to the email setup application, which never happened because — guess why? — my Email Setup Application didn’t exist anywhere!

Digging through the device I found that during the wipe and restore everything BUT the email setup application application had remained at the upgraded version 5, with the email setup dropping back to v. 4.7. But I still couldn’t find and access it to get the mail going.

Using the desktop manager software, I downgraded to 4.7 and everything worked fine. But an upgrade back up to v. 5 kills the mail every time now — and I’ve done it three times now.

This is not how I intended to spend my holiday weekend.


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