Not reading and too much TV …

October 21, 2009

At the end of June, I wrote a post bemoaning my lack of reading from the beginning of the year.

Alas, it seems to have gotten no better, and I am a slug.

After finishing the massive Che in July, I’ve read two smaller books, one on decluttering, and, an occasionally entertaining history of ketchup (though I have to say it wasn’t nearly as entertaining as last year’s Banana).

But like I did in the first 6 months of the year, I stalled again on two other books, and again one hundred pages into a history of  the Supreme Court.

I need something light.  Very light.  I did read a couple of issues of Heavy Metal, heh.

This is definitely an off year as far as reading is concerned.   I’m not sure what is up.  It’s somewhat disturbing at one level, but on another, not at all.   I’m doing other stuff.

But what does concern me is I’m spending far too much time reading feeds, and watching television.  This annoys me no end (damn those NCIS reruns anyway!).    Part of it is the new television season, with the final season of Monk, the kick-ass Flash Forward, and being newly hooked on Big Bang Theory.

V starts in a few days, which would be interesting.  And Lost comes back for the final season in January.  I’ve recorded but not watched SG: Universe, and will probably decide at some point to simply delete those from the DVR.  I’m disappointed in myself at that because I’m a Stargate fan.  And with John Scalzi as SG:U’s story consultant, I feel like I’m being totally disloyal to both.  But god, the thought of turning on and watching the “new SyFy” makes me crazy.

And I also don’t want to get sucked into even more television.

I overheard author Mike Resnick speaking at a recent con, and he said he made the decision many years ago that he could either write, or watch television.  He chose to write, and because of that has fairly little clue as to TV shows or stars.

That is very refreshing, and a goal to shoot for, I think.


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