A minor motorcycle and radio rant …

September 16, 2009

On some mornings while the sky is still dark, I go outside to my back deck and stand quietly for a minute or two.   It’s kind of nice to feel the cool still-night air, and listen to the barest stirrings of birds.   I have woods behind my house, and I look up at the sky and see the remains of the moon and hear a dog bark now and again.  I take a couple of deep breaths and usually smile a bit, just because.  A cat or sometimes two will show up and twirl around my bare ankles, waiting to follow me inside for a bite to eat.

I live in a rural area, and my house is a couple hundred feet off the road.  But at that time of the morning there is still an occasional car or truck going by driven by early-risers like me.   I can deal with that.

This morning though, a motorcycle went by.  Some motorcycles, especially Harleys, have a distinctive and very loud roar, like this one.  I can deal with that roar — most of the time anyway, though sometimes by gritting my teeth.

But WHY are there blaring radios on motorcycles?  What is the purpose?  Surely a rider can’t hear while riding, or can they?   I don’t know, I’ve never ridden a bike with a frigging radio sounding off the entire time.   Maybe it works like the physics of smoking a cigarette in a 65 MPH wind head-on works, I don’t know.

Or is the purpose just to annoy the piss out of people like me who go outside for a few minutes of quiet before or after their day, and instead have the quiet blown to shit by a roaring bike  accompanied by a DJ that sounds like he’s shouting on a bullhorn as he runs through an otherwise quiet neighborhood?


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