Word about Conglomeration 2010 …

August 31, 2009

We have word, apparently,  from the missing in action science fiction convention in Louisville, Conglomeration.

You can read the note from Marsha White of Conglomeration here, a comment in answer to my original blog entry in December 2008 wondering where the hell Conglomeration 2009 had gone. Marsha details the hotel failure and the loss of website domain.

From reading their Facebook page though, looks like there are a lot of people like me who could give a shit about the hotel failing, and are more aggravated that their money has yet to be returned in spite of having requested it.

I won’t be sending any money in until I get my OTHER money back , but the basic info looks to be that Conglomeration 2010 is scheduled for April 9-11, 2010. The pre-registration fee is $30 until March 12th, 2010; $40 at-the-door.

We’ll see.


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