Very quickie Context 2009 review …

August 31, 2009

Context was a bit different this year.

The panels were pretty much the same (Science in Science Fiction, What Editors Want, and the usual hijacked panels that got so far off subject that you forgot what the original subject was, like “Series Fiction,” which ended up being about the woes of the publishing industry).

There were several missing faces from previous years among the attendees, as well as a couple of MIA panelists, but there were a lot of new attendees as well. Attendance was about the same as last year, perhaps a bit more.

But the hotel, the Doubletree, was a HUGE step up, large, open, very clean. It was nice to walk down hallways and use elevators that didn’t smell of ancient cigarette smoke and other mysterious odors, and not have to deal with plywood floors and dust during construction as we had to do with the previous hotel during renovation. It was especially nice not to have to go down the elevator in one hotel tower, walk down a hall, and then go back up another elevator in another tower to get to the convention rooms. Gone too were the cramped halls and panel rooms divided in two by a white sheet (er, curtain) that made listening to panelists difficult due to the noise from the panel next door.

There were restaurants within walking distance, and I’m pretty sure the hotel had the best free coverage of any of the convention hotels kayleigh and I have stayed at, thank goodness. And it was free (learn something from that, Marcon’s Hyatt!). Nor did you have to pay ridiculous parking charges (again, learn something, Hyatt!).

Kudos to the organizers, with a very special thank you and recognition to the Consuite folks who kept the suite clean, friendly, and supplied with a surprising variety of very good food indeed.


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