Quiet …

July 30, 2009

Things are rather sedate here.  kayleigh has been busy with a software rollout at her place of work and a temporary change of hours along with  some work at home.

And me, I’m boring as hell.  I’ve been doing a lot of nothing.

Well, maybe that’s not completely true.  I’ve been doing a lot, checking things off my various lists – but have little to show for it except the completed lists.  Ah-ha!

I’ve been in a weird introspective mood, too, with lots of quiet thinking that seems to quietly roll into a completely non-thinking state of DUH, sitting quietly listening to music and staring into space or at rasbora hets and bala sharks in the  newly renovated and populated fish tank.

I’ve also been in a clutter-busting mood too, one of the more intense and cyclical stages in my seemingly endless (and failing) quest for minimalism.  Considering what an informational packrat I am, this is no easy task, but I keep trying.

In the meantime, we’re both looking forward to Context in Columbus at the end of August.   A new location, a new hotel!

Extended time together: it can’t come too soon. Maybe we’ll see you there, or maybe not.


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