More Conglomeration cluster**** …

June 24, 2009

Back in March, after months of a missing website, and no communication at all with possible attendees or pre-paying attendees for this year, the Conglomeration folks sent out a letter detailing their woes and canceling this year’s convention.

Okay, at least they finally sent out some information!

In that letter they said that anyone wanting a refund should contact them at the PO box provided, which given the previous lack of information and general confusion,  kayleigh and I did.  This happened in mid-March immediately after receiving said letter.

It’s now 3 1/2 months later, almost July, and we’ve not only not gotten our refund, but we’ve had absolutely no further information from those same Conglomeration organizers.  No correspondence, no website, nada.

A Simple Space became an impromptu provider of much needed updates earlier when Conglomeration went MIA for so long, so ….

Has anyone received any refunds, or any additional information?


2 Responses to “More Conglomeration cluster**** …”

  1. Chris Dalton Says:

    Maybe those who haven’t gotten their refunds should either sue or boycott Conglomeration. After the bad experience I had in 2008, I have no intention of returning.

    • Khozyain Says:

      Chris, please see the updated post 11/3/09 here. We actually did get our refund recently. While I hope Conglomeration does come back successfully, I am not optimistic. Their disappearance left a bad taste in everyone’s mouth, though they have tried, albeit belatedly, to supply information and rectify the situation.

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