Marcon 2009

May 24, 2009

kayleigh and I just returned from Marcon 2009 in Columbus. This year was a relief in that the Con seemed more lively with more attendees. The crapping economy hit the convention hard last year, and this year people either thought it was a cheap vacation, or thought that maybe because they missed last year they would attend this year.

Whatever the case, attendance seemed up just from watching the number of people wandering about.   

There seemed to be more people dressed up as well. Someone made mention of the 10th anniversary something-something, so there were a lot of (fat) Klingons. British author Simon Green made note that warriors are usually pretty well built and that if the real Klingons had seen some of these folks they would have been killed and eaten. Not nice, maybe, but true.

Of course, it wasn’t just the Klingons with fleshy acreage. I’ve mentioned before the dubious habit of large people dressing in costumes too small and too revealing for them. The men are bad but I swear, I think the large women are worse for revealing too much flesh in corsets, leather miniskirts, garter belts and fishnet stockings. When a belly sticks out further than breasts and a corset is still being worn, something is seriously wrong. Massive ‘fish-belly white’ thighs and muffin tops that look more like loaves of bread are not pleasing to look at either, sorry.

It seems over the past few years the hotel has begun to tilt to one side due to the girth of people in tight fitting corsets and such. I’m definitely nervous about getting on the elevators with some of the more robust types, and look out for flying shrapnel if something blows.

I was standing in the hall before the Masquerade and received a manuscript rejection via Blackberry after 3 months. That smarted, but going to a convention usually gets one inspired to write more, and better.

In this case, it also inspired a diet.


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