Bragging again …

April 18, 2009

One of the reasons a person writes is for the applause. I know that statement conflicts  with the often stated “Because I have to” or the dubiously amusing “I couldn’t do anything else and this was my last chance,” but I think it’s true.

A lot of writers might deny this, I think — not all, but many. Kurt Vonnegut, though, freely admitted that he wrote for the applause. But then, he was ironic and sarcastic, so was he telling the truth?

So when I say something here like, “hey, I got another piece accepted,” I’m bragging, right? I’m looking for applause.

But in hiding behind the anonymity of Simple Space, there is a definite irony involved as I’ve said before. I can’t say I’m being published in F&SF, or Baen’s, or Harpers, or the little magazine you find in the “literary” magazine section at the book store, lest someone break through the anonymity and pseudonym-like nature and find where I am skulking, and discover that yes, I am indeed fabulously well-to-do, with numerous women and possessions, that I have several homes and travel the world in my yacht and have won the lottery three times.

Which is kind of a bummer, especially when wanting the applause to help built up and sometimes heal a fragile ego and to validate years of writing angst.

Oh well.

So with that in mind: Hey! I got another piece accepted, this time in a magazine you’ll see at in the literary section of Borders or Barnes & Noble!

And even though I’m being honest with rejections and acceptances, Duotrope says that my acceptance average is unusually high. Woot!


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