A trip to the Cincinnati Art Museum …

April 17, 2009

Yesterday kayleigh and I did some (costly) errands, and then went to roam Cincinnati’s Eden Park for a while (in the sunshine no less!).  We took our cameras and probably did more walking than we’ve done for a while, which is a good thing.

The main objective in going was to see the Surrealism and Beyond exhibit at the Art Museum, courtesy of the Israel Museum in Jerusalem.  I was disappointed in the exhibit, although I was pleased to see some of Magritte’s work.  Several  of the Man Ray pieces were interesting as well.   I realize surrealism is a specialty in the art world, but some of the other works looked like something I used to do in 4th grade art class, with considerable ‘huh?’ factor.  Oh well, this is why I am not an artist.

While we were there we hunted down a couple of paintings we always like to see while there, The Slave Market (1871) by Jean Léon Gérôme,  and The Quadroon Girl (1878) by Henry Mosler.

Not quite sure why the little man in the yellow shirt greeting at the door made us hang our jackets up upon entering the museum, as there were plenty of people with jackets on.  Apparently we didn’t look as trustworthy as the more elderly people like him, the men wearing jackets and the women carrying massive purses.


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