Labradoodles, MaltiPoos and other mongrels …

April 2, 2009

For a while now I’ve been looking at the dog ads in the local paper. Most of the ads are for AKC purebreds, like Labrador retrievers, boxers, various terriers and poodles, Shelties, bulldogs and the like. Around here, there are also Jack Russells, coon hounds and beagles.

But for the longest time – and I know this trend has been going on far longer than my recent reading of the classifieds – there have been sellers attempting to bamboozle  people wanting dogs into purchasing mixed breeds for several hundred bucks a pup. These dogs are the result of people  intentionally breeding Labradors and poodles (“labradoodles”), Maltese and poodles (“Maltipoos”), boxers and Labradors (“boxadors”), or numerous other breeds and giving the result a name and trying to make money off of the racket.

Either that or a neighborhood stud jumped the fence into the backyard to produce a “silkiepoo” or “Peekapoo” or some other ‘poo.’  (And no, that wasn’t meant as an insult or aside at these poor dogs; bastardized poodles just seem to be prominent in the naming convention, along with Labradors).

When I was growing up, dogs like this would have been given away for free to someone who wanted a dog, like a nephew or niece, placed in the animal shelter, or even, God forbid, thrown off bridge because they are considered mutts or mongrels.

These are the dogs most often found in animal shelters, and these mixtures certainly aren’t considered a ‘breed.’   They’re just mutts with made up names, with either shady, ignorant, or even stupid people trying to make money from them.

It pisses me off that these sellers – and they cannot possibly be considered legitimate breeders – are doing this.

If you want a dog, and don’t care about AKC papers or whether it’s a purebred, don’t buy from these people!

You’re only encouraging their fraud and ignorance,  and contributing to an increasing dog population.  Go to the animal shelter or an animal rescue. There are plenty of dogs (and cats) out there.

Don’t encourage these assholes by giving them money.  They’re the real ‘mongrels.’


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