Millennicon 2009 …

March 22, 2009

Millennicon has come and gone.  Laughter ensued.   Advice was given, anecdotes told, and sarcasm flowed.

John Scalzi performed as a performing monkey should,  and did well doing it.  Charles Coleman Finlay looked dashing with glitter on his face (not really, but it’s fun to say so).   Local author S.L. Farrell will be next year’s GoH.

I won this year’s “spot the first Vile” contest (a family group that shows up periodically at some conventions we attend).  But kayleigh got double points for spotting family-member Fartman on Saturday.  We didn’t attend any panels he did.

I do wish the Holiday Inn, where the  convention is held, would do something about the front doors that open automatically whenever someone passes in front of them.  The opening doors let gusts of cold, if not sometimes freezing, air come whipping into the lobby where a good many people try to sit.  Half the lobby is unavailable because no one wants to freeze their ass off.  A simple wind screen or glass or plexiglass wall between the lobby and doors would be a nice addition.


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