Millennicon 2009 this weekend …

March 18, 2009

Millennicon is this weekend, with GoH John Scalzi ( Zoe’s Tale, etc., and editing and contributing to the soon to be released Metatropolis).

Some more of the Ohio SF Writer’s Cabal will be showing up, like Tobias Buckell (Sly Mongoose,  the Halo novel The Cole Protocol, and contributing to Metatropolis), Paul Melko (The Walls of the Universe), and one of this year’s Nebula nominees for his novella  “The Political Prisoner,  Charles Coleman Finlay (the upcoming Traitor to the Crown trilogy).

I’m kind of wondering how the economy will be affecting the convention.  Attendance was down for several conventions kayleigh and I went to last year, and obviously so.  I can only imagine it being worse this year.

Whatever the case, we’re looking forward to it.  Come check it out.

[3/20/09: John Scalzi twice nominated for a Hugo, and once for Charlie Finlay!]


3 Responses to “Millennicon 2009 this weekend …”

  1. C. C. Finlay Says:

    No embarrassing lookalike pictures this time, okay?

    • Khozyain Says:

      That is entirely dependent on whether “not Charlie” shows, although much to our disappointment we’ve never seen him again. Or maybe we have, only its her. Holy crap. Shades of The Walls of the Universe! Maybe Melko is behind it!

      (Charlie is referring to a picture kayleigh and I sent him, taken at NASFiC/Archon 2007, and that he comments on here.

  2. Don’t let Melko know that Charlie Prime has been spotted! He may decide that there’s only room for one of us so he can keep his inspiration secret.

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