Cheesy catch-up post …

February 20, 2009

Lifewise: I have been lazy with blogging lately. I feel guilty but at the same time, don’t have much to say at the moment.  I put things on the Annex daily, but other things have taken temporary priority like a company move (again!), annoying house maintenance issues, crappy weather and medical stuff.

Writing wise: I have been writing, although this week has been hectic as today, Friday, is  “move day.”   There are about a half-dozen pieces out now with two more in the pipeline, begging completion.   I am struggling with connecting the dots on one of them, but the other needs one final read through and out it goes.   Two of my pieces should be out this month, one online and one hard copy.

Convention-wise: Conglomeration looks to be totally hosedMillennicon is coming up with GoH John Scalzi.  That will be cool.   And kayleigh and I are looking forward to Marcon at the end of May which will get us out of town for a few days.


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