Neil Gaiman, Newbery Winner ….

January 26, 2009

Congratulations to Neil Gaiman, this year’s Newbery Winner, for The Graveyard Book.

It began with a notion that came to him more than two decades ago……. “I wrote about a page and a half and I looked at it, and I thought: This is a better idea than I am a writer,” Gaiman said.  Eventually he decided “I’m not getting any better” and finished The Graveyard Book.

I love that 🙂



2 Responses to “Neil Gaiman, Newbery Winner ….”

  1. Aeron Says:

    Add Neil Gaiman to the celebrity Scientology list. Neil Gaiman was a class VIII auditor and Executive Director of the Birmingham Org. He was case Supervisor at the Guardian Office. He’s listed as completing three Scientology courses in 1988 and his family members are heavy-weight Scientologists; father David Gaiman was head of the Guardian Office and is active in Russia, sister Claire Edwards is an executive in Scientology Missions International (the recruiting end of Scieno), wife Mary Gaiman is listed as “clear” in 2002, Mother Sheila Gaiman is a big time Scientologist with her own site and is active in Russia. Sister Lizzie Calcione “runs a Scientology practice in East Grinstead , that is a mixture of auditing and WISE delivery.” The Gaiman Family are listed as founding US “Patrons” of Scientology for 2004 & 2006 so they donate large amounts of money to “clear the planet.” You can find his listing at the Scientology Site:

    • Khozyain Says:

      I’m not sure what this has to do with him winning the Newbery, but I’ll let it go. While Gaiman’s father, mother, and sister are involved in Scientology in the UK, Gaiman seems to have distanced himself from it as time has gone on. He’s addressed the issue very briefly on his blog, basically saying he’s not going to discuss it, with some people believing it’s a family matter.

      I’ve never really understood the Scientology thing, with aliens and thetans or whatever. It’s hardly rational – but then, neither is any other religion. L. Ron Hubbard laughed all the way to the bank.

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