A taxing inheritance …

December 26, 2008

On Christmas Eve, my uncle was already chewing on Barack Obama’s ass.  “Do you know one of the first things he said?” he asked my father.

My ears started cutting out before I left the room, but I did hear my father reply with his own ‘first thing he said’ comment, something about the coal industry.

Here is one of the many things that burn my ass.  Obama is inheriting a total fucking fiasco from BushCo.  It’s going to take a long long time to fix this economy and all the other issues BushCo has caused, like two wars.

Yet people like my uncle, and my father, and several other dozen of my relatives, are going to forget that the new president did not cause the mess.  But they will ‘remember’ that he is to blame.

I thought that after the election I could look forward to a bit of a lull from my family,  at least for a while, about Obama and Clinton and Democrats and Liberals and satan worshipers and all the other things my family lumps together.

I was wrong.

It doesn’t matter if Barack Obama helps the economy, pulls thousands of jobs out of his ass, saves the car companies, comes up with alternative energy, gets us out of Iraq and Afghanistan, or rescues the the world from nuclear war.  Some people in my family will always find fault.

And what many of the family will repeatedly deny is what they really blame Obama for, the real reason for their ire:  he is a Democrat, and he is black.


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