Problems with Paypal and eBay? …. me too!

October 3, 2008

I sell things on eBay occasionally.  Last month, I sold a Powerbook that was in excellent condition to someone.  The day after the buyer received it, he claimed the DVD player didn’t work, said it would cost $120 to replace, and asked me to send him $75   Considering that I had just used the DVD to restore the system less than 36 hours before, I asked for details, and judging from his correspondence, I wondered if he knew anything about Macs at all.  The guy claimed he’d used Macs before, and supplied details.

Based upon his word that the DVD simply wasn’t working, I offered $30 back – or, I said, he could take it to local authorized Apple dealer for an estimate, and then I would consider further refund.  I even provided the location of a dealer nearby.  He declined to take it to a dealer and took the thirty bucks, and immediately reported that the DVD was working fine and the unit “worked flawlessly.”


I am certain I was being blackmailed, that was fine as I had planned for this to be my last sale via eBay anyway.  It’s just too much trouble anymore.

Then the guy began sending me messages, asking me for a free copy of the Leopard OS, and also asking for feedback.  Being that you can’t leave negative feedback about buyers anymore on eBay, I ignored his messages.   He sure wasn’t getting a free copy of Leopard either.

He sent me several messages over the next three weeks telling me that I had yet to provide feedback, that he was still waiting, that he had left me feedback, and so on.

Then, 28 days after he received the Powerbook, he filed a dispute with Paypal, saying the Powerbook was not as described and that it had a missing pixel on the monitor when he was watching a DVD.  I disputed that claim via Paypal, explained that I believe his complaint was due to my not leaving feedback for him (there are other notes of harassment in his previous feedback left by other people), and provided the email exchanges I had with him.

And Paypal, in their infinite lack of taking that information into account, and I suspect already with a predetermined action,  sent me a note a few days later saying that they had decided the guy could return the item for a full refund.

What.  Bull.  Shit.

He’s used the machine for a month, and I have to refund the money?  And what about the $30 he already got?  Looks like he’s going to make a profit!

I am sorely, sorely tempted to give the buyer’s name here in the hopes that people will avoid the character.

I find it ironic that this last item I was planning to sell on eBay resulted in this ridiculous action.


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