Context 2008

September 29, 2008

kayleigh and I attended Context this weekend and had a very nice time, attending separate panels on publishing, medical ads, and an excellent presentation on NASA, the moon and the Mars programs by Geoffrey Landis.  In fact, the convention was better than the last year or two.  Some of the panels were “eh,” but the ones we attended were fine.  We also  attended a couple of room parties, including one for a local convention, the Relaxacon, AKA Midwestcon.

We’ve attended a few of the Relaxacons but frankly, were bored by the inactivity, and didn’t go this year.  The times we’ve gone it seemed to be a bunch of people sitting around playing cards, games, and eating.  We’ve been assured by some organizers that the time to show up isn’t during the day, but in the evening.  Also, they’re trying to jazz things up this coming year without losing the “relaxacon” aspect, so we may try next June for the 60th anniversary of the sponsors, The Cincinnati Fantasy Group. Saturday night, Mike Resnick held court, Landis came to visit, and we had numerous people in and out.

I heard some interesting (negative) opinions about Writer’s Market, verifying what I’ve thought for a while about how inaccurate and out of date the damned thing is.  With this recent series of submissions, there have been dead links to online venues, and print magazines that have been out of business for two years.  Two people mentioned how, as editors of defunct magazines or magazines they left, they asked WM to remove their names from the listings as editors, and it took up to three years to do.

I’ve been checking out links since our return for NASA, the Midwestcon, and authors John Dalmas and Geoffrey Landis.  kayleigh has been spent a good part of her day cleaning the salt water tank.  I’ve also been playing maintenance man, ripping up carpet and replacing a cat-torn screen with a new frame.  Tomorrow, we may head to the Nature Center with the new camera.  Or not.

It’s vacation, after all.


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