Shatner “blasts” Abrams? – not!

September 22, 2008

Couple of postings on the web saying that William Shatner “blasted” J.J. Abrams, via a YouTube video.  Abrams, as most everyone knows, is helming the new Star Trek movie, and Shatner, as everyone also knows, is not going to be in the movie though Leonard Nimoy is.  One of these reports comes from SciFi Wire at

I don’t know SciFi Wire’s definition of “blasting,” but the video they have certainly doesn’t show Shatner “blasting” anyone.  He praises Abrams, but does say that, contrary to a statement that he was approached for a part in the new ST movie, he was not approached at all.

That’s not a blast.

Direct link to YouTube video here


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