A story accepted! Well, that was a pleasant surprise …

September 20, 2008

Somewhat surprisingly, one of the stories I sent out Thursday was accepted less than 24 hours later for an online venue.  I’m not going to mention the magazine here, not yet anyway, due to the good old anonymity thing I was speaking about a few entries ago.  This allows me something, at least, on the resume, and I retain rights (with the caveat they can stick it in a printed anthology if they want).

In the meantime, kayleigh and I are waiting impatiently (very impatiently) for next weekend’s Context.  This was our first convention after our 2004 trial by fire in Boston, and remains one of our favorites due to the intimacy of it.  It’s getting bigger though, and it’s somewhat melancholy, like when a favorite, nearly unknown band hits the the big time.  “It’s not just ours anymore ….”


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