I see cosmic rays ….

September 9, 2008

I would like to say goodbye to all of you. No, this sporadic blog exercise in exhibitionism is not ending.

<Insert music here.> The world is.

Apparently, CERN’s Large Hardon Collider is going to destroy the world. The Apocalypse is near.


Listen, if MTV, Rush Limbaugh, Amy Winehouse, , and the current batch of Republicans haven’t destroyed the world (caveat on that last: yet), there’s a pretty good chance that all this bullshit information that has resulted in rending of clothes, pulling of hair and lawsuits won’t either.

It might actually be fucking cool.

Someone might want to point out that the maximum amount of energy generated by the particles created is still way below the maximum amount of energy that, say, cosmic rays generate every day when they hit the earth’s atmosphere and pound away on the pointed little numb-skull heads and cook away the brain cells of the failures of Darwin evolution theory. (Yes, evolution is a scam. If it was a workable theory, these boobs wouldn’t exist.)

Ooh, was that too harsh?

Well then, let’s all hold hands, bow our heads, pray, and sing.


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