Rush at Riverbend, 2008

July 1, 2008

Last night kayleigh and I went to the Rush “Snakes and Arrows” concert at Riverbend, kind of like a part 2 of the world tour as they were here last year.  The show, as all Rush shows are, was very good, a nice mixture of new and old, opening with probably the most perfect guitar riffs imaginable to open a concert, “Limelight,” and ending with “Passage to Bangkok.”  Rush could probably do these shows in their sleep, musical technicians that they are, but they always look like they’re enjoying themselves.  They’re amazing.  This is kayleigh’s third Rush concert, and my what, seventh, eighth?  Alas, I am still waiting on “Kid Gloves” live!  And the burning question of the evening: does Neil Peart ever smile?

The venue, Riverbend, owned by the Symphony and Pops, has the same shortcomings it’s had for years now – bad view from the lawn due to oversized girders holding up the Pavillion roof and outdated, faded view screens that block the view from the lawn.  (Rush’s own digital screens put the faded and discolored “chili vision” screens to shame.  Upgrade!  Upgrade!  Upgrade!).

It didn’t seem as crowded this year, which was fine, as we weren’t surrounded by drunken stooges.


One Response to “Rush at Riverbend, 2008”

  1. scott Says:

    I also attended the show. It was my daughter’s fifth birthday {june 30}. But don’t worry, as I bought her off quite well on the fourth. I have seen Rush going on ten times or so myself, starting with the Hold Your fire tour in 88 (Lakeland Fla. Feb 17} This however was the first time I was privledged enough to see them in an outside venue. I know that the Boys do prefer the arena setup, yet with the river in the backround, and the fading twilight.. it was allmost unreal. My nine year old daughter truly wanted to go as she herself is a true and diehard fan, but I still was hesitant due to the inevitable smoke fest. Maybe next time. Anyway, I was not a drunken stooge yet with my excitement you may have thought so. I agree with your perception of the outdated pavilion. My brother and I were lined up right on the walkway, (first ones on the grass) somehow though our line of sight was less than perfect. I would like to say that their last song was infact YYZ, during which someone next to me screamed into my ear that she was curious to know whether or not I was aware that I had been jumping up and down for three straight hours. Alas I was not!

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