Marcon 2008

May 26, 2008

Friday afternoon kayleigh and I headed to Columbus and Marcon. Shortly after our arrival we discovered that the GoH, Robert Asprin, had quietly passed away the day before, science fiction book in hand. Oddly, we didn’t discover this from the con, but from John Scalzi’s blog when we took a break in our room. Later we spotted a small flyer posted noting Asprin’s passing, though I’m sure it was mentioned at the opening ceremonies that we didn’t attend.

We went to a handful of panels this year, two of which were very good, one on 50 ways to get into space — space elevators being a big idea — and another on the return of hard science fiction which was very enjoyable. There were some differences in opinion between the members of the panel that included author William Keith, NASA scientist and Nebula & Hugo winning author Geoffrey Landis, physics prof Gordon Aubrecht ,and author Ross Martinek, a licensed geologist and former materials scientist.

We noticed almost immediately that the convention was a little more sedate this year. One of the con runners said they suspected it was because the gas prices had affected attendance. A good indicator was that last year the Hyatt’s elevators were jammed most of the time and this year guests could actually use them, even after the Masquerade and at Sunday check out.

Saturday evening the place livened up in preparation of the Masquerade, and we spent the evening wandering the halls and sitting in the Atrium watching the people.

There was also the purchase of a very pretty blue and black corset from the dealers room this year. We (I?) have oogled them for years, knowing a certain woman I know would look very nice wearing one.

And while that certain woman did not made a public debut the way so many others do at conventions, let me just say that the end result rocked 😉


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