Waiting for Marcon …

May 21, 2008

Friday kayleigh and I leave for Columbus and Marcon, which is usually a healthy dose of insanity.  This year’s GoH is Robert Asprin.  Hopefully there will be some interesting panels, but kayleigh’s and my main entertainment, other than spending time together, is people-watching.

One of the best places to do this, especially on Saturday night, is to hang out is in the second floor lobby that opens on the Hyatt’s Atrium.  Across the Atrium is the bar and the very busy elevators, with the main lobby below.  We can sit in a major thoroughfare in relative comfort, watching people wander through.

Like other large conventions, I think that Marcon is simply chance for non-science fiction people to dress up.  Among the Storm Troopers, Star Trek uniforms, and women in medieval (read: fantasy) costumes, there are also any number of Goths, people with furry animals dangling from their clothes, anime girls, and the occasional but interesting BDSM outfit.  Last year we saw a taller and much thinner Elvis wandering around in the familiar white, one-piece if ragged skin-tight suit, revealing, well, the outline of his business below.  Then there was the older guy dressed in a skirt, bobby sockets, and Mary Janes, apparently some sort of very frightening anime girl.  Yikes.

And it’s way better than television.


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