Easter weekend …

March 22, 2008

kayleigh has been busting her butt for the past few weeks helping fix buggy medical software prior to a massive rollout where she works. Pushing herself and with other stressors, she managed to get sick. She’s feeling better but I hate it when she gets sick, not because she tries not to kiss me (well, that’s part of it), but because I don’t like her feeling bad.

This is also Easter weekend, which brings appearances and family obligations, screaming children and morose thoughts about elderly parents and aging relatives.

And when did the weather change to crap? When I was growing up it seemed that most Easter Sundays we had cool weather, and sometimes warm, but it was frequently sunny and rarely rainy. And it certainly didn’t snow. The past several years it’s been mostly rain and mud.

Maybe it’s just the normal passing of time and me forgetting some things and remembering better things.

I hate getting old.


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