“So happy” with $50 million ….

March 17, 2008

Normally I file headlines like this under “who gives a shit,” but this little announcement just makes me shake my head. Heather Mills, the now ex-wife of Paul McCartney, is “so happy” with her near $50 million dollar divorce settlement. Are you kidding me?! Fifty million dollars, for a less than 4 year marriage? I can get pretty shrill here.

On the one hand, it’s payback to McCartney, who was STUPID enough to go into the marriage with some woman who even claimed to not know who the Beatles were, without a pre-nuptial agreement. Dumbass!

In spite of British divorce law which basically preordained the settlement, it’s still ridiculous. Mills didn’t get half of what McCartney earned while they were married. No. She got a chunk of what he’s earned since the early 60s, before the woman was even born.

So I’ve not put this under “who gives a shit.” This is filed under “one of the world’s most expensive fucks.”


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