Millennicon 2008

March 16, 2008

Friday and Saturday kayleigh and I went to the local SF convention, Millennicon. Millennicon is one of those conventions that you always have high hopes but the hopes hardly ever seem to materialize (although David Drake was a very pleasant surprise last year).

We had a far better time sitting and watching people come and go than we did sitting through the off-subject panels. We saw and spoke to a few of the regulars we see, did a quick couple of runs through the small dealers room and art show, and that was about it. I felt sorry for the GoH David Barnes, who looked to be wearing the falsest happy face I’ve seen outside of my own mirror.

We tried to listen to a literary media panel but walked out on it. Then there was another panel on developing believable characters that never got on subject. The self-appointed moderator sent the panel off subject immediately, when he gave his opinion on the difference between porno and erotica. No one seemed quite sure why he started off like that, except that one of the other writers wrote erotica and apparently the moderator had a couple of short stories in that genre as well. Whatever the case, it never managed to get on subject and veered off into romance writing. Poor Tobias Buckell, whose Ragamuffin is a Nebula nominated book this year, sat quietly on the panel, obviously wondering what the hell was going on. There was another panel on making time to write, the same old con stuff, but it was good if only because of comedy by Paul Melko (and barbs directed to the self-appointed moderator of the previous panel), and the fact that it managed to at least stay on subject.

I don’t know where the panel subjects came from this year. Some verged on jokes – one about the lack of dogs in science fiction, and another about peppers. Yes, peppers, the fiery food, with the panel followed by peppery goodies in the ConSuite.

We saw members of the annoying and farting group from Conglomeration last year (resulting in much hilarity while we sat in the lobby), and Stalker Girl, whom kayleigh hid from in a bathroom stall. There was also the loudly obnoxious pseudo-submissive brat we see periodically. kayleigh was also handed a business card by a dominatrix, which also caused much laughter (by me anyway. kayleigh seemed less amused).

We’re looking forward to Conglomeration in Louisville next month. While I’m also certain the Fartman group mentioned above will be there, at least we’ll have a hotel room to escape to. Note to self: do not sit behind him!


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