Scott Rosenberg’s 10 bullet point overview of BushCo …

December 23, 2007

Scott Rosenberg offers a sad but true “60-second, ten-bullet-point, 100-word overview of the achievements of the Bush Administration:”

  • Lost popular vote but won in court, claimed mandate.
  • Spent budget surplus on tax cuts for wealthy.
  • Squandered post 9-11 unity on bid for “permanent Republican majority.”
  • Stockpiled terror suspects at Guantanamo with no rights; instituted shameful regime of torture.
  • Led nation falsely into Iraq war, bungled occupation, destabilized Mideast, trashed U.S. military.
  • Diplomacy-free, unilateralist foreign policy eroded American influence worldwide.
  • Attempted to scuttle Social Security via “privatization.”
  • Destroyed Justice Department’s nonpartisan tradition; used prosecutors to punish enemies and throw elections.
  • Undermined Constitution through “signing statements.”
  • Blocked global warming solutions.
  • Will retire to ranch in year; we face lifelong cleanup.

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