Curious blog search terms …

November 23, 2007

It’s interesting (to me anyway) to check out some of the search terms that cause people to find this rather obscure and irregular blog.

Fish – Marillion reunion” is a big one the past few months, and “Bill Ingvall” and “Teaching Company lectures” are regularly hit as well.

A search term yesterday was “she wearing locking collar.” After several years worth of irregular posting, it took me a while to track down the result of that one, kayleigh’s and my trip to Noreascon IV in 2004, when kayleigh was asked about her locking collar.

Perhaps the most popular term though is “slapping ass” and derivatives.

The irony is that I don’t think people are looking for several minor rants about two elementary school boys being suspended for smacking the asses of their school mates though. Pervs! No, instead they’ll find stuff about a slave girl wearing a locked collar 🙂


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