Minor update …

November 13, 2007

A minor update. kayleigh and I continue to deal with our little issue, a seemingly unending active source of angst, in depth conversation, second-guessing and insecurity. This seems to be sucking the life right out of us.

Adding to this is a mad rush arrangment for my parents’ 50th anniversary (I seem to be the one in charge), kayleigh and I helping someone arrange an escape from a bad marriage, the usual aggravation from both our jobs and weird scheduling for kayleigh, the upcoming holidays, a cat issue, and apparently, me on the edge of coming down sick right before the 50th party. Ugh. Did I miss anything? Probably.

I also seem to be a miserable failure at NaNoWriMo, which is upsetting on a wholly different and, weirdly, an even more personal one. It does great things for one’s ego to stall out at 10,000 words, not even halfway to the goal.


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