A couple of cop stories ….

September 11, 2007

Apparently, a police officer ate a hamburger that was over-salted, and got sick. He arrested the MacDonald’s worker who prepared it for him for reckless conduct. The officer insists the burger had something else in it, and they’ve sent the offending remains of the burger off for analysis. The arrested woman spent a night in jail and had to pay $1000 bond the next morning.

While they may find something else in the burger than salt after analysis, you would think that the cops would need a bit of proof prior to essentially putting the woman in jail overnight for over-salting. (The restaurant, by the way, gives free meals to police officers. )

Does this mean the next time a cop gets free stale donut, he can arrest the shop worker who gave it to him for reckless conduct? How about if he eats too many donuts and raises his cholesterol? Can he arrest them for using trans fat? Or what if the laundry uses a detergent that gives a cop a rash? He can arrest the laundry worker?

This story kind of reminds me of the attorney who sued for millions because the laundry lost his pants.

And then there is this month old story from the Phoenix News that just pisses me off and makes me sick at the same time. Sheriff’s deputies stormed a house with tear gas where a guy with an outstanding misdemeanor traffic warrant was staying:

In less than 30 minutes, (New Mexico Mericopa County’s Sheriff Joe) Arpaio’s special forces unleashed an unprecedented wave of violence on this quiet community. Consider this:

• Just after the tear gas canisters were shot, a fire erupted and destroyed a $250,000 home plus all the contents inside. (The home’s occupants believe the tear gas canisters caused the fire. Phoenix fire officials say the blaze was probably started by a lighted candle that was knocked onto a bed during the confusion.)

• The armored personnel carrier careened down the street and smashed into a parked car after its brakes failed.

• And in the ultimate display of cruelty, a SWAT team member drove a dog trying to flee the home back into the inferno, where it met an agonizing death.

Deputies then reportedly laughed as the dog’s owners came unglued as it perished in the blaze.

“I was crying hysterically,” Andrea Barker, one of the dog’s owners, tells me. “I was so upset. They [deputies] were laughing at me.”

Arpaio’s goons then left the dog’s body to rot in the ashes for the next five days of 105-degree temperatures (……).

At one point, Dre [the dog] ran from the master bedroom and bolted down the stairs toward the front door, where it came face to face with a SWAT team member. Instead of letting the dog run outside, the SWAT member reportedly launched a counterattack.

“They shot the dog in the face with a fire extinguisher when he tried to come out of the fire,” says Trisha Golden, Gabrial’s younger sister, who helped raise the dog and was outside the burning home calling for it to come out. She did not live at the house, but hung out there frequently, she says. She heard about the fire and came immediately. “He turned and ran back into the master bedroom and burned [to death].”

Delfino says he asked one of the SWAT officers what happened to Dre and was told that the dog had been “neutralized” with the fire extinguisher. He asked the officer if the dog had attacked anybody, and the cop said no.

As smoke filled the house and Kush’s efforts to save the dog failed, he finally fled from the burning home and was immediately thrown to the ground and his hands and feet were cuffed by four SWAT officers.

Meanwhile, Trisha Golden continued frantically to call for Dre to flee the house.

“We were like screaming for Dre, and [a deputy] turned around and said, `Why don’t you shut the fuck up?!'” Trisha Golden says.




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