The Root Beer Stand

September 8, 2007

Today kayleigh and I went in search of The Root Beer Stand in Sharonville, Ohio. Wasn’t hard to find, once you knew where to look! I didn’t know the place existed, or if I did, I’d forgotten long ago.

Whatever the case, we walked into the very small former A&W root beer stand, now privately owned and no longer franchised, and sat at the counter. There are no other places to sit actually. We did a quick look at the menu before ordering a foot-long hot dog each, and a couple of mugs of root beer that is brewed on site. The root beer is dark, thick but not foamy, and very sweet, and the mugs don’t contain ice, or are they frosted. They’re simply held in a cold water tank until ready to use. Pinned to the ceiling are dozens of caps that customers have left there, either accidentally or by intent.

Alas, I should have taken a quick picture, but didn’t. One of those fun adventures we like to do now and again, like the trip to Waldo, Ohio a few years ago for the “world famous bologna sandwich.”


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