Fish-Marillion one shot reunion …

September 6, 2007

Seems a wee bit of history was made Sunday, August 26th. One of my favorite singers, Fish, reunited with his old bandmates from Marillion for one song, “Market Square Heroes,” and without their current lead singer Steve Hogarth.

I don’t believe Fish’s career has done as well as Marillion has since he left the band in ’88. That’s a shame, because he was and remains a hell of a lyricist. He was never an excellent singer in the classic sense, but his distinctive voice and emotion in the delivery — and, of course, the music of his former bandmates — was something special. But too much drinking and far too many cigarettes (he’s always quitting for tours), seems to have aged his once powerful voice. As the years have progressed, annoyingly, some of his songs are almost spoken monologues in parts. Yet you can still find gems when he cuts loose, and he continues to do a lot of shows across the UK, Germany, Poland, Italy, among other European countries.

The 6′ 7″ Scotsman now kind of looks like Patrick Stewart!

Fish 8-07

His fans remain rabid, and I include myself as one of them. I keep playing his songs, old and new, and purchasing his CDs as they come out. I should be getting his new “13th Star” sometime this month.

Link to one of the many Fish-Marillion reunion videos on YouTube. While you’re there, you can check out a lot of Marillion videos, both old and new.

(And is it just me that finds this annoying? This isn’t just a dig at Fish, because a lot of singers do the same, but what happened to actually dressing up a bit for a live performance? Wearing ragged jeans, baggy pants and t-shirts for a paid performance makes it seem like you really don’t give a shit what the people who are paying you think.)


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