Quick updates and Conglomeration …

August 9, 2007

Looks like it’s a go to Conglomeration in Louisville. Woot! kayleigh and I were surprised by the amount of enjoyment we had at Conglomeration last year, so here’s hoping for a repeat. Ben Bova will be GoH, but Allen Steele had to cancel. That’s a bummer. I’m greatly enjoying Steele’s Spindrift right now and had hoped to hear him.

kayleigh will be heading back to work next week or the week after, alas, but we will have a bit of a break in “busy-ness” until Context. We’re hitting a Rush concert in September, which will be very cool I’m sure, as Rush always is. I think I’ve seen them something like 5 times now, and this will be the sixth? The last few tours have shadowed by ‘maybe this is the last time we’ll see them’ thoughts, but they keep making music. Hopefully the heat will be a bit more mild by then though. The last Rush concert, though very special to us, was hotter than hell!


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