The “new AT&T” …

August 8, 2007

From Machinist on

Anyone who was at Sunday’s Pearl Jam show closing the Lollapalooza festival in Chicago would have seen the band in a political mood. Eddie Vedder invited an injured Iraq war soldier up to the stage and called on the audience to work for peace in the Middle East. And in the middle of a performance of “Daughter,” Vedder sang “George Bush, leave this world alone” and “George Bush find yourself another home” to the tune of “Another Brick in the Wall.”

But if you were at home listening to the show on the Webcast being provided by AT&T, you would have missed those lines. As the band writes on its site, the Web transmission cut out the protest lines. AT&T says its monitor did so by mistake — what a strangely precise and politically convenient mistake!

Not only does the “new AT&T” service suck, and not only do they jam ridiculous iPhone contract costs down your throat, and not only are they helping the NSA among other insults, but they’re also censoring concert webcasts. How nice.


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