One last Archon/NASFiC entry …

August 7, 2007

Some more Archon/NASFiC comments and then I’ll shut up about it.

Mike Moscoe sat quietly, almost Buddha-like, on a panel on publishing short stories, while an overly caffeinated moderator who really liked control named Tee Morris loudly chattered on. Morris was a media guest, and definitely liked the moderator control which resulted in him doing most of the talking. He even called Moscoe a “Nebula-wannabe” a couple of times when disagreeing with him. I’m not sure if he knows Moscoe well enough to tease him, or was just being insulting, but I took it as the latter, because he acted like an ass. Not impressed. I had a nice chat with Moscoe for several minutes in a quiet room of the convention later. kayleigh and I had previous met Mike at the Nebulas in Chicago.

Also, a quick good-natured conversation with Gordon van Gelder about his reputation for fast rejections, and kayleigh and I also spoke a couple of times with Dave Creek, who has always been a good “regular guy” at various conventions. Gene Wolfe and his wife were also there. We also spoke with Steven Silver, who seemed a bit distracted, even surly at one point. Hopefully it was a result of Steven being tired from participating in several panels in the first couple of days of the convention, and dealing with the Sidewise Awards that were presented Thursday night. Or then again, maybe it was us.

We’d expected to see more fan faces we recognized, but oddly we only saw about a half-dozen people we’ve seen before, which was pretty surprising.

I’d re-introduced myself to Jack McDevitt on Saturday (we met in Chicago a few years ago as well), but I wanted to find him later to autograph a book of his short stories I’d picked up in the dealers room. Right as kayleigh and I were heading towards the door to leave, I spotted Jack in the main hall. He was kind enough to write a nice inscription to me “and my babe,” winking at kayleigh, (who of course) winked back.

And throughout the weekend we kept spotting one guy in a skirt and high heels who, much to our disturbed amusement, looked very much like Charlie Finlay! We rolled in laughter. Later, we got a picture of the good natured fellow and forwarded it to Charlie, who seemed to get a good chuckle out of it, and comments on it here. I’m not sure whether the reaction of his wife, Rae Carson, was one of humor or horror though. Probably a mixture of both, like ours.

And no, I’m not publishing it either 😉


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