August 5, 2007

So here kayleigh and I sit in our hotel room, checking news feeds, mail, and news on individual PCs. We’re waiting for the doors of the convention center to open at 9 before we head over there. Yesterday it was sweltering even before the the convention center opened the doors at 9 AM, when the very first panels began. They even chased the people out that had managed to get into the building before the panels, so I don’t quite understand the logic of waiting until the last moment to open the doors.

Whatever the case, it’s been kind of fun, although we both think the organizers kind of misled people as to the ease of getting to the center from the various hotels around here. “It’s within walking distance,” they claimed, which is true for some hotels but not for others. And when it’s 96 degrees outside at 3 PM, quite frankly you don’t want to walk anywhere. I felt sorry for the people dressed in costumes. Yesterday evening was the masquerade, which means a lot of people were coming in fully dressed in some pretty heavy costumes. We went to several panels yesterday, and most remained on topic although one on health care that kayleigh went to got highjacked and got way off topic.

A bright spot was speaking to John Kaufman, who is an artist we both like a lot. We own several of his prints. St. Louis is his area of the country and he seemed genuinely pleased to talk to us, even showing us the original of one of his pieces that kayleigh has framed on the wall. I spoke with Mike Moscoe while kayleigh was trying to steal a nap, and we ran into a couple of people we know right at the beginning. Saw some familiar faces, like Dave Creek and Jack McDevitt, who I’m hoping to track down before we leave so he can sign a collection of short stories.

We’re going to do one more run through the art show and dealer’s room before heading out, maybe pick up a souvenir or two for a few people. It’s going to be a long drive back home. We’re tired. Maybe more later.


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