Off to Archon / NASFiC ….

August 2, 2007

After a bit of surgery for her and a side trip to Virginia for me, kayleigh and I will drive to the “combined” Archon and North American Science Fiction Convention tomorrow, being held in Collinsville, IL, around the St. Louis area. They’d added “TuckerCon” to the title on this one in memory of Wilson “Bob” Tucker, to make it the mouthful Archon/TuckerCon/NASFiC.

We’ve been waiting impatiently for a long time for this little jaunt, and it will be our biggest convention since the WorldCon in Boston a few years ago, with an estimated 3000 or so people attending. Should be a good time, but as always, getting out of town with kayleigh is the biggest bonus. We’re still undecided about Conglomeration in Louisville next weekend.

As you can tell from the lack of posts both here and on the SimpleSpace Tumblr blog, things have been a bit hectic. Hopefully things will settle down shortly.


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