New Orleans, and slapping ass part II …

July 25, 2007

  • Concerning my rant a couple of days ago about the two 7th graders who slapped some girls on the bottom and got charged with sexual harassment and sex abuse, looks like the district attorney in that case is backing off a bit.  Seems there was worldwide attention on the case and a huge outcry, though it looks like the DA is kind of passing the buck to the judge in this instance.
  • I was also glad to see that the doctor from New Orleans who was accused of  killing some patients immediately after Hurricane Katrina, was not charged by the grand jury.  The district attorney says the case is closed, but the attorney general is still blustering, and the doctor is faced with several lawsuits.  That’s a shame.  People tend to forget that this doctor came in to help when everyone else bailed, and these were extreme circumstances without power, water, and air conditioning, and that the patients were severely sick in the first place.  When things are out of control, people always want something or someone to blame.

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